Organization that Teaches Personal Management Skills to Present at BYU

Provo, Utah–A personal management training company will be sharing core principles and processes at a live event on BYU Campus this Saturday. 

On Saturday, April 13, Propelled Training, a group which assists individuals in their personal management, will be offering a two-hour presentation on identifying and honing personal management skills. The group will deliver core principles which enable a person to view themselves in a better light and to mentally prepare for future goals and life milestones. Cost to attend the event is $25 and the location is at 466 W 4800 N, Provo, UT 84604, also known as the Former Ancestry building. Find and purchase tickets through their website:, or you can get more information on their Facebook page:

Austin Wood, the organization’s creator said, “To help individuals set the right goals and pursue those goals effectively–to really understand individuals and how they’re motivated–that is our program.” He used terminology like “Habit Goals”, “Progress Goals”, “Aspirations”, and “Life Milestones”, each of these with their unique details tied to personal management. Personal management is the core philosophy of his company which includes short and long term goal setting and motivation management. The organization’s website says, “Become a creator of your life, establish alignment, realize your aspirations… Become PROPELLED.” 

He expounded on life milestones. He said, “Life milestones are events that happen to you while long term goals are things that need to be achieved.” He illustrated an example often mis-termed: marriage. He said, “you don’t achieve marriage, you reach marriage. It is something that needs to come as you prepare yourself – it happens naturally. You can’t treat getting married as a goal. It’s a life milestone.”

Propelled Training has plans to educate those of the public consistently in the future on personal management skills. Wood stated that the prime age for his services ranges from 20 to 40 years old, an age group whose aspirations tend to reflect those with which his services work best. Anyone who is interested in learning about Propelled Training’s future educational classes can like his facebook page and get more information at the end of his presentation. 

Wood finished by stating, “Our goal as stated in our name is to help individuals to become more propelled in their life… we are so often compelled individuals reactive in the things that we are doing, just reacting to our situations. But, we don’t have to be. We can be more propelled and feel more fulfilled in our daily efforts.”  

Written by Stefan Wood at Just a Pitch LLC

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