Just a Pitch – The Emergence

“I can’t do this anymore, we’re finding a counselor.” said the young newlywed man to his wife. That evening he searched online to find a reputable counselor. After that and another unsuccessful attempt, he felt hopeless. He thought, ‘How in the world does someone go about finding a good counselor? I mean, exposing marital problems isn’t easy as it is… how do I find one that I’ll actually trust?’

Oh, the pain of not knowing where to go and what to do. I’d be so bold to say that this experience is very common, in all kinds of places and dilemmas for people everywhere. Some turn to books, some to Google searches, some to their pillow. If they don’t find quick solutions, they can give up and the pain will set in and begin to take its toll. 

A Possible Solution

I was inspired one evening with an idea when I was experiencing one of these bouts. I needed some answers. All I wanted was to learn about the good resources at hand that could help our family. I was confident they existed. As my wife and I were preparing for bed, a light bulb turned on inside of me. Thoughts began flowing. My wife looked up to me as she sensed something. Then she raised her eyebrow. “Just a Pitch”, I said. “It’d be perfect.” I then explained to her for 20 minutes what had come to me. A very possible solution. 

My First Experience

I first experimented locally with friends and in the specific industry of gym memberships. I called the majority of the local gyms of Idaho Falls, ID and asked if they would be willing to provide their “pitch” to a group of potential customers. I felt like this could be of service for me, the future gym members, and the gyms. 

Since I wanted to find and join a gym, I was already considering my options. Initially, one gym stood out. He had some of the features I most liked including racketball and basketball. I figured that after our event concluded, I’d likely go to that one. But, to my surprise, the Pitch activity opened my eyes. I ended up joining a CrossFit Gym, AmRock CrossFit of Idaho Falls. I had been intrigued by their positive atmosphere and team-like energy. As I went the first couple of times, I was very welcomed and encouraged. Coupled with this and my inner desires to discover something new, a resolve entered into me to make this my new gym to get going with my fitness goals. 

Now, for the last six months, I have woken up early over and over to get to that gym and push myself beyond me day after day. As I have remained consistent, despite the physical beating, a well-being has grown in me more than ever. This has been the greatest emotional lift come to me through exercise than any other fitness experience. I have grown to love it and the people I have been with.

I formed Just a Pitch with this in mind. To bless my life and that of those who yearn to know where to go for help. Also, to serve those who were putting on these great services. This is my plan and objective. 

Building Bridges One Industry at a Time

As of late, I transitioned my marketing efforts to the family history industry, something I feel strongly about. As I am moving in this direction, my objective is to fill the measure of it or to gain a customer base, fully promote the relevant services therein, and facilitate continual learning through our marketing campaigns and events. I hope that by building these bridges between the family history community and connected businesses, all will benefit as a result. 

“Yes, we can. We can do this.” responded the newlywed wife. 

It is this end to which I will try and keep trying––until people find the resources they need to fulfill their current needs and pursuits.

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