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A Natural Alternative to Regaining Your Health. An Interview.

I might venture to say that health is one of the pillars of peace and happiness, that it, if lacking, can be like a sore thumb (or a sore bum), constantly pestering. When seeking for better health, people may look to prescribed medications, examinations, and even surgeries. Are these the answer? Maybe they are at times. But, what else is there that could reverse our health struggles? Are there holistic and natural ways that may have similar results?

I recently came in contact with a friend who became trained in an interesting field—the field of Foot Zoning. When I inquired about this service, one of the first things he said was this: “I believe that anyone can have freedom from disease, naturally, without drugs and doctors, through Foot Zoning.” As this was quite a claim and impressed by his conviction, I was open to learning more. I put together some questions to discover the gist of Foot Zoning and asked if Dave would be up for a chat. The interview that followed may be of interest. 

Dave (Foot Zoner) and his wife, Kimberly

What is your name and title in the business?

I am Dave Weber the creator of Dave Weber’s Foot Zoning.

In general, what is Foot Zoning? 

My favorite definition of Foot Zoning is this: 

It is where a therapist reads the body’s present condition and works different areas on the feet that correspond to the tissues, organs, bones, muscles, circulation, immune system and glands which can activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

How did Foot Zoning come to pass? How long has it been around?

The knowledge of it has actually been around off and on through the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history. So, for thousands of years. The earliest hieroglyphs and images of the practice have been found primarily in India, Egypt, and other places in Asia––the Chinese have used it for a very long time. So it’s an ancient practice. 

As for more recent history, there was a man named Dr. Charles Ersdal who was born in Norway in 1939 and helped to bring it back. He did a lot of research trying to figure out how all of the different bodily points worked. He had a lot of success with pain-relief. He eventually was able to bring his discoveries of Foot Zoning to the US where eventually he met Jeanne Harold. Jeanne was trained by this doctor who in turn trained me into this modality. Today, there are thousands of people who have been trained in Foot Zoning throughout the U.S. 

What can someone expect in a foot zoning session? And, how long can it take?

I’ll begin a session by having the person comfortably sit upright and I’ll start by working on her right foot. I’ll ask a variety of questions to know the status of her health. As I do the zoning, I will tell her what I see is going on. As I make some conclusions, I proceed to share dietary and lifestyle changes and recommendations. 

In the end, I will grab ahold of both of her feet and do a little balancing session which can take 5-10 minutes. This helps to balance the person, to further engrain the signals I have hit during the session, and also detoxifies the body.

It can take 1 hour to 1.15 hours depending on the size of the person’s feet. 

How many sessions does someone typically do? 

Toward the end of the Foot Zoning session, I will recommend from my findings how many sessions he may need to improve specific health issues.  If I find spots which are worrisome, consistent with what the client is feeling, I will recommend a weekly session so we can get those things cleared up. 

If I find that the individual is more on the healthier side, that they don’t have too many emotional blockages or hinderances, I will recommend a once-a-month maintenance zoning to clear out the stress, emotions, and toxins that build up throughout the month.

If a person is healthy but is interested in getting zoned every week, once weekly sessions are fine, too.

What are the results of foot zoning? Are their possible side effects?

There are nothing but positive and desirable end results. At the end of a session, someone may feel really energized and just ready-to-go, or they may feel a bit sluggish and tired. Sluggishness and tiredness comes from parts of the body that have been shut down for a long time but are turned on again. The pathways have been reopened and are beginning to go to work again. This activation of bodily functions can cause tiredness. If there is notable tiredness, I will tell you to drink a lot of water. Toxins and heavy metals have been released. These are being dumped into the digestive system and water will help to eliminate and flush everything out. 

If you’re prone to pain and muscle tightness, you can find those muscles being loosened up quite a bit. I’ve had clients who had a lot of tension and hadn’t felt more relief than they had felt after a foot zoning session. 

Others may notice their bowels start working again. I find that the bowels are easily influenced by a foot zone. If constipation were an issue, foot zoning can help bring the bowels back to motility and help them to function at the desired performance. 

Joint issues (shoulders, elbows, etc) are also common to work with in Foot Zoning. 

What introduced you to Foot Zoning and brought you to where you are today?

About 5 1/2 years ago, my wife-to-be told me about foot zoning and how it had helped with some of her health issues growing up. She introduced me to a foot zoner who had been practicing for about 20 years. I was open to it. I went forward with my first foot zoning session and it improved my health issues almost immediately. I had had some digestive problems, and they improved. That very night, I also slept the best I had in a long time. I was very impressed. I had probably a total of three foot zoning sessions done by that lady.

In regards to becoming trained in it. I had had interest in the healthcare system. I had always wanted to help people progress in their health. I tried nursing and just found that it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until last year that I really considered becoming a foot zoner. As soon as I found out about a particular training on foot zoning, I jumped right in, and here I am today. 

Where do appointments take place?

Typically, I will have in-home appointments but it depends on each situation. I have done appointments in public places and even at my own home, when someone has preferred that. But, mostly, I do them at the indivudual’s home.  

How long might it take to see results?

Some take longer than others. It just depends person to person. 

We had one individual, to share an example, who needed to clear out gout. They had used dietary and supplemental health to work on it. When I worked on it, it took 2 1/2 to 3 months to fully clear up. 

Could it be longer with other people? Yes. Everyone’s condition is unique to them. That’s just one example. I’ve seen immediate results, like I said, with the digestive system; there was one lady with a headache and right after I hit the spot connected to her head, the headache went away. 

How much does foot zoning cost? 

I charge $50/zoning. This is based on the average cost for a chiropractor appointment. But I am willing to adjust this to match any local chiropractor charges, down to $40/zone. I also appreciate referrals. If I receive a referral from an individual, I will give them a $10 off their next zoning. 

What is the best way to get ahold of you?

Phone is most effective and quickest. You can call or text me at 208-716-3994

You can also visit my Facebook page for more info: Dave Weber’s Foot Zoning

I also have an email if preffered:

Thank you for your time, Dave! I think this will be enlightening to many. 

Thank you. It has been my pleasure.

This interview was conducted by Stefan Wood on 8/21/2019. 

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