Family History-Focused Organization to Hold 4-Week Online Workshop

Just a Pitch LLC will be holding a 4-week online workshop event on how to get started with family history work. The event will begin July 8, 2019 in a Facebook group named “Just a Pitch for Family History.” The cost to participate is free. In order to participate, one should follow the link and join the group.

There will be four main topics shared during the four weeks: 1) The Faith of our Fathers,  2) Connecting with the Living, 3) Connecting with the Dead, and 4) Deepening Relationships. During each week, Stefan and his wife, Rebecca, will present their thoughts on the topic at hand and share tips and principles to be implemented into one’s family history work. Daily themes and activities will support the delivery of these tips.

Stefan Wood, the creator of Just a Pitch, said, “Anyone, really, can get involved with our event. We’re specifically inviting those that want to get started with family history. Also, family history professionals that would like to see creative ways to help others learn the basics. Lastly, we welcome those who offer any services which supplement family history work. If these groups would like to share their products, they can help to sponsor the event. Otherwise, they are welcome to join as regular participants.” Potential sponsors can contact for more information.

Wood also said, “The reason I’m doing this is because I truly believe that family history heals hearts. Specifically, through connection. I thoroughly believe that connection is the healing balm of the world–-connection with those on earth as well as with our ancestors. Every kind of human connection has a healing effect. That is my belief and the reason I want to do this.”

Just a Pitch is a research and marketing company which invests in promoting wholesome recreational activities for the general public. Wood strives to help individuals find answers to the problems of life through his efforts.

The organization has held other events which differ from the focus of family history. The company anticipates doing more events in the future on other topics of interest.

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