Marketing Organization Joins Largest Family History Conference. Promotes Small Businesses

Original post made on 2/18/2019

​Just a Pitch LLC will be featuring Family History this year at the RootsTech family history conference. It will promote family history-related products and businesses.

As part of the RootsTech event February 27 – March 2, 2019, venders will represent over 150 business groups and organizations. The employees of Just a Pitch LLC will be in the group, sharing products in the exposition hall. They won’t be pitching their own products, however, but those of signed clients.

Potential business clients can sign up to advertise their products through Just a Pitch’s website, Upon registering, they will choose the category which is most relevant to their product then pick an advertising option. The client can then provide necessary information to Just a Pitch, who will learn more about the product for marketing and demonstration purposes. Instead of attending the event themselves and paying booth fees, these businesses can “get in” at a much lower cost.

Stefan Wood, the founder of Just a Pitch, said Monday, “We have the option of businesses doing their own pitch. If they choose this option, they can come to the exposition, and using our booth, they can do their 10-minute pitch… several times throughout the weekend.”

Wood continued, “But if they prefer just handing it over to us, we will do the pitch. We will summarize their product and promote exactly what information they would like us to promote.”

Companies may ask why his approach to advertising is more effective than doing it online or through other avenues. He said, “Our main selling point is real-life interaction–bringing the product to life. When you stand in front of people, talking about how it’s real to you, suddenly they’re like, ‘Wow, I can see how this applies now,’ and ‘check!’ you have a lead.”

The Just a Pitch website says, “There are product-owners out there who may not feel that their product could ‘make the cut.’ This is the very reason we step up. We want to ease the pressure and take over the hard part. We deliver your product to your target-market at a low cost through ‘Just a Pitch.’”

Wood shared that one avid family historian who attended one of his presentations appeared skeptical in the beginning. ”She had a sort of grimace,” he remarked. But as he moved through the presentation and clearly explained the product, she appeared to change her mind and became interested.

He said, “It was refreshing to see her lighten up and essentially say, ‘Wow, this is a legitimate product. This works for me.'”

This historian looks forward to attending Roots Tech this year, her fifth time attending. On top of the option of visiting over 150 venders in the expo hall, there are also over 150 breakout sessions or classes touching on a great variety of family history topics. Each year she attends, she picks out her desired classes and put them in her “Schedule” on the Roots Tech App.

Interview by Austin Wood, MBA of BYU
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